My EOs Journey


In end April 2017, my wellness coach cum yoga instructor was not too shy to share doTERRA with me, this was how my EOs learning journey started.  My objective is to improve my health due to chronic pain and autoimmune disease (I am HLAB27 positive, a gene marker for Ankylosing Spondylitis, I will be posting the details about my healing journey later).


Here are some ways on using EOs … Most are based on what I am using or people around me. Along this journey, it is interesting to learn and experiment new stuffs and understand what works for different persons …

Previously, I used another EO brand, whichever brand you are using, hope you take into considerations the grade of the oils, your purposes especially if you are ingesting and even application matters as it penetrates into your skin and cells. Do take note that EO is potent, for example, a drop of peppermint is equivalent to about 28 cups of peppermint tea, so do practice caution especially with young children.

Leave a comment below if this helps or share your personal solutions, or drop me an email at For online shop, visit here.

[Disclaimer: This post is not meant to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure disease]

Abbreviation: FCO = fractionated coconut oil, you may use other carrier oil
Acne / Pimple:
- Tea Tree or Tea Tree + Lavender (usually the next day it will be gone)

Autoimmune Disease (what I am using for my AS is based on a guide for RA):
- refer to my post on My Natural AS Healing Journey
- Deep Blue Oil + Rub / Douglas Fir (for stiffness or aching)
- Lemon + DigestZen (for daily cleansing or detox purpose as 
I took NSAID for some time)

Bleeding or Cut: 
- Lavender (if there is splinter, please remove before dropping
lavender as the cut will close quickly)
Blemish, Freckle, Age Spot, Wrinkle:
- Frankincense + Lavender Or Immortelle (some reported improved in 
eyesight or eyes related issues if applied around eye sockets)

- Lavender (next day or after few days, it will dry up)

Bug Bite or Itchy Stick:
- Equal drops Lemon + Lavender + Peppermint in a blender bottle

- Lemon or Lemon + DigestZen

- Rub Lavender, Tea Tree or both dilute with FCO
- 1 drop DDR diluted with 20 drops FCO (a 2 year old toddler who had 
patch of red rash at her back and hand )

- OnGuard
- or Flu Bomb: 4 drops Lemon + 2 drops Tea Tree + 2 drops OnGuard + 
2 drops Oregano + 2 drops Frankincense (Adult: Ingest 3-4 times, 
Children: Rub bottom of feet)

Gastric / Indigestion:
- DigestZen (ingest)
- Rub 3 drops DigestZen diluted with FCO around tummy

- Peppermint, Deep Blue or PastTense (due to psychosomatic eg stress)

Joint Pain (Arthritis related):
- Soak the limbs into a pail filled with warm water with 5 drops each of
DDR + Cypress + Wintergreen (optional to add Douglas Fir and AromaTouch)
- Ingest: 6 drops Frankincense + 6 drops Oregano / Marjoram in a veggie
- Rub the joint area with Breathe / Lavender / Peppermint to soothe the

Make up remover:
- 1 drop lemon + FCO

Pain Management / Muscle Pain / Sore / Ache:
- Deep Blue / Oregano / Cypress /  Douglas Fir / Marjoram

Public Speaking / Lecture:
- Rub a drop lavender at throat

Sleeping Disorder / Insomnia:
- Diffuse or rub Balance
- If chronic, use Balance + Serenity

Someone is sick at home:
- Diffuse peppermint + oregano

- Lavender + FCO
Toothache / Sensitive teeth or gum:
- Chew 1 OnGuard softgel or 1 drop OnGuard at the area (usually 
awhile or next day it will be gone)



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