Oregano Lemon Ribeye


Servings: 2

- 2 pieces of grass fed ribeye (any other cuts) about an inch thick
- Lemon EO / fresh lemon
- Oregano EO / fresh or dried oregano
- Salt
- Black Pepper
(EO = Essential Oil)

How to cook:
(If the meat is refrigerated, leave them outside at room temperature for
about an hour)
- Mix 1 drop Oregano EO, 1 Lemon EO, salt and black pepper. Rub evenly
onto both sides of each ribeye.
- Heat your skillet, grill or frying pan over medium heat
(Preferred ribeye as it has fat, therefore I don't need olive oil)
- Place the meat and cook for 3 minutes each side. (this is based on
my frying pan and my family likes medium rare)
- Once cooked, place the meat onto a plate for it to rest
before serving.



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