Laughter is the best medicine?

Recently, as I practice mindfulness, I realized I have not been genuinely happy for the past 9 years! Omg, this has been on-going for almost a decade, this is shocking to me and myself.

I was wondering what could be the reasons … Stress? Repressed emotions? Personality types? Unrealistic expectations? Or purely the environment and culture in this fast pace society? Whatever the reason is, if we can’t pinpoint it, don’t bother to beat ourselves up, let’s move on by exploring what make us feel better and hopefully from better to great.

Just happened to stumble upon Norman Cousins: A Laugher/Pain Case Study. An interesting write up on Norman Cousins who was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in the 1960s which left him in constant pain and was given a few months to live by his doctor. Guess what he did? He cured himself with Vitamin C and humorous films!!! (yes, laughter is the best medicine!). Positive emotion attracts positive health?

I believe even we are perfectly healthy, if you feel a bit down, why don’t take a breather by watching a funny video. One of my all time favorite is My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Be happy to make us healthy! 🙂




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